Cash Out Refinance Loans

I can help you GET MONEY and SAVE MONEY at the same time.

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SAVE money, GET money and LOWER your mortgage payment with a Cash Out Refinance Loan.

Benefit from historically low interest rates!

  • Lower mortgage payments save you money
  • Tap into your home equity with a Cash Out Refinance Loan
  • Available cash for debt repayments, economic hardship, and large expenses
  • Benefit from historically low interest rates
  • Free mortgage consultation with Jeff Berman, The Mortgage Go To Guy

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👉Just in case you have not heard the news📉 Rates are the lowest we have seen in in years! 📉

😊Now is the time for a “Financial Check”. When rates drop like this it is always a good time to check if any of these scenarios will benefit you😊

✅Refinance into a lower rate/lower monthly payment

✅Look at a cash-out refinance if you have positive equity

✅Refinance out of Mortgage Insurance which could lower your monthly payment

✅Look at a debt consolidation loan and free yourself of high-interest credit card debt

✅Act now on that new home or investment property purchase

Since interest rates are historically low, it’s a great time to get a cash out refinance loan! If you need money in the bank to hedge against economic uncertainty, a remodeling project, education, debt restructuring, or just the security of having money in the bank, I can help you capture the equity in your home for $$$$.

Why consider a cash out refinance loan?

  1. Easier to qualify
  2. More tax deductions
  3. Improves credit scores
  4. Consolidates debt
  5. Lower interest rates


If you’re interested in cash out refi, contact me today at 214-989-7700! As always, I’m here to help you make a financially sound decision.

Disclaimer: Interest rates fluctuate, but I will work hard to find the best rate for your financial situation. Cash out refi require verification of employment or self-employment.

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