Searching for a “Mortgage Company Open Now Near Me”?

Searching for a “Mortgage Company Open Now Near Me”?

May 16, 2019 Mortgage 0
Mortgage company open now near me


Are you getting ready to buy a new house or refinance your existing home? Have you tried the Google search “mortgage company open now near me” only to be disappointed and frustrated by the lack of traditional funding sources accessible at convenient times? When house hunting on weekends, sometimes you don’t want to wait until Monday morning business hours to talk to a mortgage company. Many traditional lenders like national bank chains are not available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons or after 5 pm weekdays to answer your pressing questions.

Luckily for you, Jeff Berman, “The Mortgage Go To Guy” with PrimeLending, is available to work with you on your schedule. We’d like to share one happy family’s story of how they overcame the “mortgage company open now near me” Internet search blues:

Mike and Kathy’s Story: After Hours Service

Mike and Kathy1 were planning a move from Seattle to Dallas to be closer to Kathy’s family. They wanted to be in an area with good schools for their young children and within a 10-minute drive from Kathy’s aging parents. They were also buying their first house, as they were renting in Seattle. Mike and Kathy had a great real estate agent, Donna, lined up to show them around. Settling on Far North Dallas in the Plano ISD area, Mike and Kathy traveled to Dallas for the weekend to find a house. Over the weekend, Donna showed them 4 houses that weren’t quite right. One was too small, one was too big, and two of them didn’t have the desired pool. But the 5th house was perfect! It was zoned in excellent schools, had 4 bedrooms and an office, a pool, and a beautiful gourmet kitchen! Best of all, it was just a few blocks from Kathy’s parents. Mike and Kathy couldn’t make an offer on the house fast enough!

Donna did her diligence and found out that there were already 2 offers on the house, and both of the other buyers had already prequalified* for a mortgage. Mike and Kathy got nervous. In the rush to get to Dallas, they had not done any preapproval or prequalifying for a mortgage loan. They did not want to lose the opportunity to get this perfect home, and so they rushed into action. Mike Googled “mortgage company open now near me” hoping he would find a reputable mortgage company open now, on a Sunday afternoon. They were excited—and relieved—to find Jeff Berman, “The Mortgage Go To Guy” with PrimeLending, available via website chat, phone call or social media to help clients in the Dallas area.


Jeff Berman, “The Mortgage Go To Guy” with PrimeLending, Is Available Evenings and Weekends. Call 214-989-7700.

Mike and Kathy were able to connect with Jeff Berman right away. With the national bank chains, they might have experienced that stressful wait until Monday to talk personally to an experienced mortgage loan office. But Jeff Berman was able answer their questions right away, and got a jump start on the prequalifying process. With the paperwork already underway, they had an answer sooner, and got one step closer to getting their dream home faster.

Mike and Kathy went back to Seattle on Tuesday, closely staying in touch with both Donna and Jeff. Within a short time, they got the good news. They prequalified for a mortgage and their offer on the home was accepted! Further, Jeff Berman’s expertise made closing a breeze and he got closing docs to the title company a week early! By the end of the month Mike, Kathy and their two children were moving in to the home of their dreams.

Mortgage company open now near me

Mike and Kathy were grateful to avoid the “mortgage company open now near me” Internet search blues. Finding out that Jeff Berman, “The Mortgage Go To Guy” with PrimeLending, is open and available when other lenders were not was a key component to them securing their dream home in Dallas. Being able to connect with Jeff Berman outside of traditional banking hours is a huge benefit to his satisfied clients.

Jeff Berman Is Your Answer To the “Mortgage Company Open Now Near Me” Internet Search Blues!

Don’t suffer from the Internet search blues! Don’t suffer from the internet search blues! A google search in Dallas for “mortgage company open now near me” will lead you to Jeff Berman, “The Mortgage Go To Guy” with PrimeLending. With over 25 years in the mortgage industry and more than 20,000 loans managed or originated in his career, Jeff will find the best mortgage financing to place you in your dream home. Call Jeff Berman, “The Mortgage Go To Guy” with PrimeLending, at 214-989-7700, or complete the form below.

Jeff Berman “The Mortgage Go To Guy” at PrimeLending mortgage company serves the north Dallas suburban area including Dallas, North Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Carrollton, Addison, Richardson, Murphy, Wylie, Prosper, Lovejoy and all of DFW. With over 25 years’ experience and having managed or originated 20,000+ loans in his career, Jeff is licensed in multiple states and able to originate loans nationwide, in all states except New York.


1Names changed to protect borrowers’ identity.

*A prequalification is not an approval of credit, and does not signify that underwriting requirements have been met.

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